Hi there, we’re J+E SmallGoods.

Learn more about J&E  here .   Photo: Heidi Harris for Tilit.

Learn more about J&E here.

Photo: Heidi Harris for Tilit.

After over a decade behind butcher counters in LA and NYC, we moved to upstate New York to start a family, and realized high quality, natural sausages and deli meats were hard to come by. Because we’re butchers, we could call our farmers to meet us on the side of the road to drop off a case of chickens or a few ribeyes, but that’s not a reality for pretty much anybody else.

So we took matters into our own hands.

We founded J&E SmallGoods so our kids –and yours too– can eat great protein whether they live close to a butcher shop or not. All of our goods are made using meat we stand behind from farmers we know and trust. 

ALL Natural. antibiotic & hormone free. delicious

We believe good meat shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a right. We’ve dedicated our careers to supporting local family farms that raise animals the right way – with big space, clean water, good feed and respect. You shouldn’t have to support the industrial food supply just to enjoy a dang hot dog! We’re here to change the meat industry and more importantly, the relationship we have with where our food comes from.


Butchers (with love)